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Motorcycle noise law in Arizona causes controversy

The Arizona Republic features a story on how the town of Carefree, Arizona is cracking down on motorcycle noise.

Signs are being posted warning bikers that if they break the 80 decibel limit with their engine, they could face a fine of $750.

The issue is causing tension in Carefree. A recent town council meeting over the noise issue was marked by heated talk. While bikers and citizens both agree that there should be respect for noise limits, many feel the fine for breaking the noise law is too steep.

How do you feel about the noise law? Do you have ideas about what should be done? Post a comment and tell us what you think.


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20 Responses

  1. There sould be a time posted after 10pm until 9am for loud pipes. What about loud cars? Loud lawnmowers and construction equipment.

  2. Why do people always want to control every one’s life?
    We have no freedom left in this country, may as well live under the thumb of some king or emperor!!! Leave people alone!!! Gotta have government involved in everything we do now days!!! Sheez!!!!!!

  3. I live in an apartment complex with parking spaces right under my bedroom window. I get woken up every morning by that damm motorcycle reving up and then roaring off down the drive. My son also works all night and the damm thing wakes him up when they come home. Bikers never seem to have any consideration for other people and somehow think it’s cool for some guy who need s bath and wears a ponytail to roar down the street with his legs spread wide open with a loud, ugly machine between his knees. There is no where to go for peace and quiet anymore. I think there should be a noise ordinance for mototcyles just like for anything else.

  4. That same guy probably donated his time and money helping the less fortunate on toy runs and bike runs for underpriveleged, battered, and abused children and their Mom. And fact is most likely spent four years of his life serving his country in the armed services protecting your right to complain, without retribution or fear of death. You probably also complain about the noise F-16’s make when they pass overhead. Just thank God that biker and those jets are on your side and quit whining.

  5. Noise laws must be followed and enforced, just as any other law. The noise created by motorcycles, as well as loud car stereos only degrades the morale of citizens. Construction equipment is loud by design and function. Most people with loud motorcycles and car stereos tend to crave attention, and have no concern for anyone else’s rights to peace and quiet.

  6. what they mean is harleys and there uglier spinoff (buell,etc)unless you run a muffler-less sport bike they dont even come close to those 2 wheel ‘barca’ loungers for making noise,sport bikes are constantly harrased and profiled by our local facists,because some ignorant spoiled mamas boy wants to do stand up wheelies on the freeway at 70 it assumed that all sportbike riders are just stunners in waiting,as much as i am impressed at some of there skills,its got 2 wheels for a reason numb nuts,on the other hand the couch potato owners are seldom, if never, given a second glance when they decide to let us all hear how much there barca sounds like a huge fart

  7. I ride a small Yamaha cruiser that doesn’t make much noise at all. However, I’d rather my bike be as loud as possible, but not to show off. I notice when driving in my car that when a loud Harley or other bike is close by, I can hear it so I start looking to see where it is. So many bikers are injured and killed because the car driver said they just didn’t see the biker. So, to me, the louder the bike, the more chance a car won’t pull out in front of the motorcycle. To me, it’s just a safety issue.

  8. Who wants their bike to sound like a “bee in a bottle”? That’s why real bikers don’t ride “crotch rockets”, they sound like shit. Only kids think their cool if they ride them.

  9. I own a sport-touring bike (super quiet) and a cruiser with cobra pipes. In NH the limit something like 96 dba at 20 inches.

    I have neighbors and friends that ride whose pipes are at the legal limit. That’s a loud bike! And all the sound goes out the back.

    It’s loud riding with them. Some of their wives have taken to wearing earplugs. People turn around and scowl when they fire up the bike as we’re leaving the local restaurants.

    And the state is cracking down. I don’t know what the fine is, but $750 seems ridiculous. That’s more than a set of pipes costs. Maybe that’s their point. I would think $150 would send a clear message.

    I don’t think anyone here argues that hearing a bike helps to keep the rider safe. And the freedom to make some noise is fine, within limits. And states/cities are defining those limits.

    It seems to me that this is simply a question of whether the punishment fits the crime. It seems way out of proportion.

  10. And I have also had a neighbor who left for work at 6am every morning and fired up his Harley (with baffles removed after passing inspection) and punched it up the road. It ripped everyone from sleep.

    Whose rights were being trampled on then? He was not a considerate biker with a louder than most bike. He was a jerk that violated my rights and the law (deliberately) every morning for an entire summer. I like the sound laws for guys like him.

  11. there should be a law enforced for daytime noises as well. especially when your neighbor turns their car stereo on and opens up every door on the car and has the bass up so high that it vibrates the inside of my house (which is at least 200ft away)At night when they have a special occasion/holiday they will set up big speakers and the noise is even more unbearable. I live in Kingman Az.

  12. I love the comments about bikers donating their time, etc…. Just like any demographic, there are some good, and some bad. Noise ordinance laws are in place for everyone so we shouldn't have to listen to loud garbage. Any biker with loud pipes should get a ticket, just like anyone else. Last I checked, motorcycles are rather quiet, STOCK. Leave it to a bunch of jackwagons to ruin it for the rest. And yes, I'm a motorcyclist, have been for over 20 years. I don't piss off my neighbors, but I have to listen to some jerk with a loud bike down the block daily. I'd love to go over and punch him in the face… dork…

  13. Some of you think that $750.00 is too steep. I think that the bike should be confiscated. On every bike manufactured after 1980 the muffler is stamped with the warning of tampering with the exhaust and intake systems on M/C's. Owners manual covers the same info. Laws are made to be enforced and laws are made because some people think that their freedoms should override everyone elses freedoms. If someone wants loud pipes on their bike it should be mandatory for the exhaust outlets be placed by the riders ears. That way they could hear the rediculus noise everyone else has to put up with. Bikers need to grow up and start repecting others. I bet the same violators put playing cards snapping on their bicycle spoked wheels as a kid. Again, grow up. Some say loud pipes make M/C's safer. Yet the same people will ride a black bike, clothing, helmets, etc. Plus they ride low slung on their bikes so traffic can't see them. If your worried that much about noise for safety, don't ride one in the first place!

  14. So if the muffler on your car fails, while you are driving it… You should be subject to a $750 fine? Seems excessive to me! I don't buy into the loud pipes save lives thing either. Because I've had guys with drag pipes come up next to me, and I didn't hear them until they got past the drivers door. It could work, but the exhaust would have to be facing forward! And if you think "the bike should be confiscated", well then I guess YOUR car should be confiscated as well, in the event of an exhaust failure. Because the law IS the law! And who will be the first one crying, because you got a $750 fine, or your car impounded, for a muffler failure? YOU WILL! The rules will change then! You didn't modify it, it just broke! But you aren't going to park the car 30 miles from home and have it towed, over a muffler. You are going to drive it to a repair facility, or home, so you can get it fixed. And Mr. "I'd like to punch him in the face". Ever thought about going and talking to "jackwagon"? Hey man could you please not rap the pipes at 6 am? It wakes my whole family, scares my kids and my dog. He might of just listened. I was able to roll a Peterbilt out of here at 4 am everyday. And I asked my neighbors, "Do you hear me leave in the morning"? No we don't! NOT ONE COMPLAINT! Sometimes people just don't think. Walking down there with a six pack of beer and having a chat, probably would of landed you a friend, and some quiet. Because it doesn't seem like your law, worked to well. Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it!

  15. Good grief beta male/female grow a pair, you don't live in one of the largest cities in the entire US for peace and quiet. Every citizen has no tolerance for anything, and complains about all matters never happy.

  16. This country is really starting to suck balls, what a joke it is, Americans….complaining about noise and motorcycles.. $700 fines…what a joke. Everything taxed to death, riddled with crime, 45 laws to ride a bicycle, freedom… what a joke everything is micromanged to death.

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