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Yamaha XS400 SH

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This tastefully put together XS400 has been mechanically gone over and slightly customized cosmetically for a completely different look from stock. This is a turn key motorcycle, thats super light and nimble for new riders yet with the 400cc motor shes respectable on any highway. Whether you're just starting out or looking for a weekend rider, this XS will surely turn heads but, more importantly, keep you smiling. If you're local, you know riding season is upon us so now is not the time to pick up that project that you will hope to have looking something like this before winter. With this you can be riding today. The following is some of the things that went into her or have been gone over: -new battery with battery tender lead (just buy your own charger and plug right in)-new fuse box-new smaller turn signals all around-front brake rebuild with new brake cable-new tires-fresh oil and new filter-new air filters-custom tracker seat pan with custom seat pad-fresh paint-carb clean, sync and re-jetted (for the aftermarket exhaust) plus new carb slides (one of the stock slides was worn so both were replaced) and intake manifold boots-new “superbike” handlebar-new fork oil and seals-new engine seals all around-valve clearances set to spec-new grips-new spark plugs-new left only mirror-new 2 into 1 exhaust with super trapp muffler-new taillight with license plate bracketShe does drip about a drop of oil every few days from what appears to be the cables coming from the alternator/stator. I did replace the alternator gasket and line the rubber seal that the cables pass through with proper silicone however it maybe that the oil might actually be getting through witin the cables' sleeve.
24,500 miles
Cash Only
Private Seller
Union, NJ
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