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Motorcycles for Sale in calabasas, California


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I’m the second owner of this Yamaha FZ1. I’m a 54 y.o. motorcycle enthusiast that rides only on the weekends and for pleasure. Mostly cruising thru the Santa Monica Mountains and the Arizona desert, solo. I bought the bike from a lady in Georgia several years back. She bought it to ride with her husband and later decided she didn’t like riding any more. When I acquired it, it had about 4K miles. The lady was very meticulous with the bike. She kept it clean, bug free, washed and garaged all the time. The bike was showroom pretty when I bought it. During the past several years, I have maintained the same level of care as she did. This bike has lived in my garage its whole life. Has never spent a night out on the street. Which translates into an incredibly immaculate bike. In perfect condition. You can’t tell the difference in the paint or clear coat gloss from a 2019. It shines like brand new. If you lift the seat or look under the gas tank, you will find it to be dust-free and clean. It runs perfectly well. The engine operates flawlessly. All lights are functional. The saddle has no tears or cracks. I’ve gone to great lengths to maintain the bike in meticulous condition. It’s just in my nature to do so. Mechanically, the bike is nearly stock. I’ve made minor modifications to some of the non-essential smog plumbing so as to free up the access above the valve cover. And I professionally lined the gas tank with a protective  epoxy covering to protect the gas tank during long term storage. It has never been wrecked or dropped. Not even a tip-over or “just fell over in the parking lot” type of event. Please feel free to run a check on the VIN for that info. Why am I selling it then? I currently own three Yamaha FZ1s. Just last year I found #3 for sale in Pennsylvania. It only had 1400 miles on it!!! I couldn’t resist it, so I bought it. It didn’t take long and it became obvious that owning three bikes was a bit excessive. So the 2005 is now up for sale. I decided to keep the other two (2003s)…for now. How did I arrive at my price? I researched KBB, NADA, Cycle Trader and Craigslist. I looked at prices from both dealers and private sellers. After my research, I concluded that this 2005 Yamaha FZ1 in its current condition and low milage is worth the $4199 price I’m asking. Yes, you will certainly find cheaper FZ1s on the web. But not in the condition mine is in. With mine, you will be getting a classic Yamaha FZ1 that runs perfectly and is in amazing condition. Don’t believe me? Come by and see it for yourself. I’m certain you won’t be disappointed. . Feel free to email me with any further questions. I’ll be happy to respond to your queries. Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with your search. Robert-


16,000 miles
Private Seller
Calabasas, CA
Super Sweet Road King Classic. Nicely Set up. Lots of Extras including an onboard computer that uploads from your laptop. Smoothe rider. Nothing needed. Daniel  818 261-4151


34,750 miles
Private Seller
Calabasas, CA
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