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Ducati BRONCO 125 Motorcycles for Sale

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In 1960, the 125 Bronco joined the 98 Bronco as the base model in the US lineup. Although the 98 finished in 1963, the 125 lasted through until 1966 with only minor developments. The general specification was identical to the 125 Aurea ('aura') but with a touring handlebar, smaller 13-liter gas tank and 16-inch wheels shod with knobby tires.' Knobby tires meant you were dreaming for the Bronco was strictly a street bike with no off-black top aspirations. The external oil lines of the previous push-rod 4-stroke singles were now hidden inside the motor; a 4-speed gearbox was, of course, standard. This delightful roadster – 6.5 horsepower at 6,500 rpm meant that it could zip along - came in three colors, each with silver; candy red, black or dark blue.Ducati produced many push rod singles from 1957 on and, in fact, the model was the company's mainstay for some years before the advent of the overhead camshaft. Memories may now be cloudy but the Bronco sold very well in the USA with Berliner doing the distribution. Not for nothing is the power of the 'winged D' on the sides of the fuel tank and the black prancing horse (Cavallino Rampante or bronco) on the tool box sides.A Bronco in the condition of this rare, it is seemingly untouched but may have had a repaint, we are not sure. Its history is unknown except that it came from a mojor collection. It has been carefully recomissioned by Blue Moon Cycle and is ready to enjoy. call john or lisa for deatils.


Blue Moon Cycle Inc
Norcross, GA
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