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What Do You Get The Biker Who Has Everything?

Now maybe this isn’t a question you’ve ever thought to ask yourself…

But let’s look at it realistically: motorcycling and biker culture in general are meant to be enjoyed together. So chances are, you have more than one motorcycle enthusiast in your circle of friends. Furthermore, the odds are good that there’s a thing or two they might enjoy receiving as a gift this season.

If your biker friends live in a part of the country that’s not currently buried under snow, maybe they could use some cold weather riding gear such as face masks, neckgaiters, and balaclavas. Other items would also be appreciated, such as gloves and thermal underlayers.

If your recipient is more of a fair weather rider, how about essentials that every rider needs? Kickstand rests (also known as pads or plates) are hard objects that you place underneath the motorcycle kickstand after you’ve come to a stop. They are particularly useful when parking your bike on slippery surfaces, soft turf, loose sand, and more!

Another great gift is the Guardian Bell. It’s a little pewter bell that attaches to a motorcycle that is supposed to ward off accidents. The legend says it has twice as much power if it’s given from one friend to another, as opposed to being bought for oneself.

Lastly, every rider could use a Bluetooth helmet kit. These kits, which fit most aftermarket helmets, allow the rider to communicate via radio or cell phone with other callers or riders. Plus, the newer types of Bluetooth communicators do not overpower the sound of the road, so you stay safe while riding because you are able to hear what’s going on around you.

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